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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from your services?

Our professional staff provides engineering and environmental services to clients managing federal, state, and local government facilities. We also accept requests from hospitality facilities, property owners, commercial and industrial companies, educational and medical facilities, as well as the private sector throughout the State of California.

We focus on lead, mold, and asbestos testing in Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Which certifications do you hold?

Our certifications include the following:

  • NIOSH 582
  • EPA accreditations
  • DOSH certification
  • California Department of Public Health certification

Why should I be concerned about asbestos?

Asbestos used to be a common building construction material. It was used in a variety of products, including insulation, roofing shingles, ceiling and floor tiles, friction devices, paper products and packaging materials, and gaskets, as well as in fire-retardants.

When materials containing asbestos are damaged due to repairs, remodeling projects, or demolition activities, the asbestos’ microscopic fibers become airborne and can be inhaled. Prolonged asbestos exposure can cause significant health problems, such as lung cancer.

Consult with us when you have an older building that needs to be torn down or upgraded. We can assess the construction site and complete the necessary testing.

I shouldn’t have to worry about lead because my home is new, right?

This is not necessarily true. Lead is a natural compound and thus may be found in soil. Continual exposure to contaminated soil could cause lead poisoning, which is a dangerous and potentially fatal condition. Lead poisoning is especially dangerous for children because it can cause cognitive deficits, blood and brain disorders, and kidney failure. If you think you might have lead in your soil, contact us today.

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